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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nadolig LLawen ! ! (Merry Christmas!)

Dear Friends:

It's hard to believe we are already in December, and that we are drawing close to the end of the year already. This past Sunday just marked the end of our 7th month here in Wales. The Lord is awesome we must declare at all times!

Praying here in the chapel, this is one of my favorite times as night falls outside and the only light is what I can see through the frosted windows. In spite of the cold of this old stone building, probably in the low 40's today, there is a spiritual coziness here that is comforting, and filled with the hope of what is to take place here.

Recently when we were praying, I was standing in front of the stairs that go up to the pulpit. As I gazed at the post and curving handrail, I suddenly noticed something unusual. There appeared in the front vertical panel of the post a very thick golden substance like honey which slowly began to run downwards. It was beautiful to watch as I realized that this was the anointing of His presence just flowing over the woodwork. The vision lasted only a few seconds, and so I placed my hands on the adorned top of the post and began to pray with great and hopeful vigor for the fulfillment. When I opened my eyes after a few minutes, I saw oil running down the handrail and realized again the promises of God's move and anointing in this special place. So we pray with great joy for His anointing on the lively Word that will be preached and the flowing of His power in this place.

 The following day I was here alone praying, and as I again stood in front of the pulpit, I began to cry out loudly for God's mercy and grace to be be poured out in this place. There was an accompanying conviction and surety in my spirit as I prayed. Suddenly, in the spirit I could see this great current of grace and mercy flowing out from here, and people streaming to the front to be bathed in His presence and receive His grace and mercy. This stream of people was not just those in the building, but as if time extended outwards I could see people coming in from many places in Wales and beyond.

This surely might seem foolish to some, but but the privilege given us to be here to pray and cry out for the coming revival is a joy ands strength to us as we press in to our intercessory calling. Thank you for standing with us in prayer and faith, in support and encouragement as we wait on Him alone to do what only He can perform!

God bless you and your loved ones richly during this special season. May Christ be borne abroad abundantly in and through you, as so many people go through the external activities without the inward and lively hope we have in Him, and for which purpose He was born to offer the hurting world around us.

In His great and wonderful love,

Dick & Gladys Funnell


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