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Saturday, September 30, 2006

That All People Of The Earth Might Know!

Dear Friends & Prayers:

This week I was reading about Solomon building the temple in 1 Kings 8, and was detained by the the Holy Spirit at verses 41-43. At the mention of "foreigner" I always realize that by His grace, we are no longer that, but sons and heirs. But in verse 43 he says, " ... that all people of the earth may know thy name, to fear thee, as do thy people Israel; and that they may know that this house, which I have builded, is called by thy name."

So again the purpose of our living and praying here is brought into focus on interceding for the nations of the world. How His heart cries out that all people of the earth may know His name! As we continue to meet more people who are in the same camp as us, praying and calling out to the Lord of the harvest for a great outpouring, we are greatly encouraged in our commitment.

This week Gladys began Welsh classes again. It seems very slow, but we are making progress. When we hear Welsh being spoken, we no longer hear an unintelligible stream of sound, but can distinguish most of the individual words, which in itself is a big accomplishment! We recognize many words, and even know what some of them mean. So as we start this new season of study, please pray with us that the Lord give us some supernatural assistance so that we can begin to fit in among the Welsh community, which at this point still feels like a separate world. Yesterday while we were at the chapel, a group of men came to bring in a new organ, and as I tried to lend a hand, I realized again how awkward the inability to speak makes things.

The other morning when I was ouside praying, I noticed there were lots of spider webs strung about in the fence, and all were covered with tiny beads of dew, which shone like tiny precious stones of dazzling colors. Perhaps with a better camera they would show up. But as I looked at it, the Lord showed me that is how we are to be also. The barely perceptible breeze carried with it millions of tiny little droplets - like fog - and as they hit a surface, they cling to it. All of our thoughts and feelings and little distractions are like strands of the spider's web. And though I doubt if the spider has much of a thought life, every single strand has been laboriously put into place in the hope of catching a meal. And that is how we can be when we spend time in His presence. The word says that we've been begotten unto a lively hope, and that hope can help us bring our thoughts and feelings and little distractions to a standstill when we focus them all upon Jesus. Then He comes and bathes us in Himself, and we become covered with His glory.

In the lively Hope in Jesus,

Dick & Gladys


Sunday, September 24, 2006

We are encouraged by visits and discover more Prayers in Wales!

Dear Friends and Prayers:

We now find ourselves in autumn here, leaves are beginning to show colors and some have already fallen. Overnight temperatures in the lower 50's and mid 60's during the day make it clear that summer is now long gone. We are still enjoying spinach, lettuce,chard, leeks and onions from the garden, and soon will sample the rutabagas of which the largest are about 5" across. The Lord is good!

We current have guests from London, and yesterday I took them to the top of the Preseli Hills about 15 miles south, where we had a powerful time of prayer as we overlooked this part of West Wales and the Irish Sea. The wind was blowing very hard and we admired the handiwork of our Maker and Redeemer and implored the wind of His Spirit over this land. From there I took them to spend some time in the chapel. The sweetness of God's presence was evident, and we are always grateful and encouraged when have others there praying with us, which we do from time to time.

After a long break, our Welsh lessons start up again this week, and so we ask for your prayers again for this. Gladys has decided to take a different course, and start again at a lower level.She didn't like the pressure of the "accelerated" class we were in, but I am going to press on in and hope to make some significant progress. We are still severely limited when it comes to conversation, and so I am going to challenge the gray matter more vigorously. "Help, Lord!"

In the last weeks I've gotten a couple of emails of which I'd like to share a few quotes with you:

Hi and greetings from our part of Wales. We thought that you would be interested
in part of our story. In 1999, God called us to sell up and move to Wales
to a place that we did not know with people we did not know. We moved in
January 2000, there have been many interesting events since then, I am sure
that God is drawing Christians from many places to Wales for a very special

Dear Dick and Gladys.
I believe the Lord lead me to your web-site. I live in Presteigne Powys
and have a small group who meet at the Baptist chapel every Sunday at 7pm.
In a fortnight I shall be speaking about Welsh revival 1904 and the following
week my brother in the Lord, Gordon will be speaking about revival today.
Our group (about 20 in number) long to see revival in our area of Wales
and we believe it will come if we are obedient to the Lord and PRAY. You
can imagine my excitement when I found your web site!
God bless you both, we pray with you for the desire of the Lord's heart for
Wales. I could tell you of many God incidents happening here. How people
have been drawn into the area since 2000. We came in Jan 2000 and that year
at least 2 other couples have come. Since then there have been many other
couples on fire for the Lord who have joined us in this area. We have waiting
expectantly on the Lord and ready to step ut in his will.

And so we are strengthened and encouraged in our conviction, and the Lord is so incredibly faithful to us every single step of the way! He is the one who sustains us, and challenges our faith to grow day by day, as we press into His heart for Wales and the nations of the earth today.

Thank you for your continuing interest and your prayers, which are our lifeline!

In His grace and love with you,

Dick & Gladys

P.S. If you have friends that might be interested in learning of our mission, please send them a link to our page. The more prayers we we can get coming this way, the better!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Breakthrough in the heavens over London!

Dear Friends and Prayers:

We arrived home late last night from the National Day of Repentance yesterday in London. There were about 1250 believers in attendance from all over the U.K, many of whom were fasting and had been in prayer for this event. From the start, the atmosphere was very special, as of a sacred convocation. There was wonderful and poignant worship, clear exposition of the word as related to God's place for Israel and our being "grafted in", and historical accounts of England's broken promises and offences towards the Jews and Israel.

A video called The Forsaken Promise was shown, which lays out the whole scenario with detail and personal testimonies. You can see a short trailer of the film at http://www.theforsakenpromise.org.uk/trailer.html which highlights some key points and is very worthwhile. I didn't know about any of this history, and that even the United States endorsed the treaty to create a homeland for the Jews in their Biblical territory, but failed to see it through.

Although this may sound a bit political, we do live in a real and political world. Even this scripture sounds polical. Genesis 12:3 says, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." But the focus of this meeting was not political, but rather about repentance and revival, and God being glorified in the earth through His body, born again Jews and Christians alike. The whole meeting was very much Spirit led, and the times of repenting and intercession were pregnant with annointing and power.

The sounds of weeping and sobbing and anguish of soul surely pierced the heavens, and serious business was accomplished in the heavenly realm. I was reminded of the portion from Judges 2:4 that says, "And it came to pass, when the angel of the LORD spake these words unto all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voice, and wept."

At one point when it was particularly intense as the multidude stood with uplifted arms and voices under the huge domed roof of the building, I saw an inverse picture in the spirit. It was like a huge bowl of incense, and the fragrance of the corporate heart of all present ascended like a sweet savor to the Lord, and delighted His heart, and he WILL heal our land!

So as we press on in our specific assignment in Wales, we were enormously encouraged by this event. It's amazing how many wonderful saints we met in such a short time, and our hearts were knit together by a common and holy purpose. We are simply part of a growing army. There is so much going on in the Body of Christ today that is all working together towards the culmination of God's destiny for the nations. (See P.S. below) This event and its repercussions are a major step ahead, and we rejoice in His goodness and grace.

In His arms together with you and all the saints,

Dick & Gladys Funnell

P.S. For example, yesterday there was also the first ever Women's Aglow International Baltic conference in Riga, Latvia. Representatives from every major denomination from 10 nations were invited to participate. The pastor of the largest messianic congregation from Kiev was present to represent the Jewish side. It was a call to repentance and reconciliation on both sides - for Jew and gentile (Latvians in this case) -- for crimes, etc each side has done against the other.


Friday, September 15, 2006

We travel to London today, please pray ...

Dear Friends: Today we go to London for the National Day of Repentance on Saturday.

What's it about in a nutshell? Some folks believe that Israel is a key to U.K. Revival, so we're going to support this.

National Day of Repentance 16th September 2006 Come and be a part of God's exciting plan. Laying aside all other agendas, a call to humble ourselves, fast and pray. We believe Britain's offences against Israel have brought this nation under judgment and therefore corporate repentance on this issue is a vital key in God's strategy to turn back the tide of evil and heal our land. The essence of the day is to be in the unity of the Spirit as we lay aside OUR agendas and we lift up a corporate repentance to the Lord as in Joel 2 and Chronicles 7 v 14. David Davis from Mount Carmel will direct the day.

http://www.nationaldayofrepentance.co.uk/ for more information.

Thank you, and God bless us all.

Dick & Gladys Funnell

PS. A friend emailed me news about revival in Asheville, NC! Isn't that awesome? Check out http://www.citizen-times.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060911/NEWS01/60910013&SearchID=7325692184650


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

News from the fields . .

News from the fields . . .

Dear Friends and Prayers:

While walking and praying in the recently plowed field above the chapel this morning, I saw some things that I'd like to share with you. As I moved slowly along the furrow next to the unplowed ground, it was like walking along the line of now, of time, between the yesterdays and tomorrows. On my left the field was untouched since they harvested the barley, and to my right all the new furrows fell away like a sea frozen in time with it's rippling waves.

As I prayed, the fullness of my heart longed for the sweeping of revival again over this land. And from that vantage point, what I saw on my left at first was the church as it is now. In this field, the harvest has already been taken up, and what remains is the dry stubble of cut stalks, and patches of green where new growth is springing up from the small grains that fell through the screens of the harvester. Not long ago the field was lush with the verdant growth of coming harvest. (You may remember the photos I sent back in June.)

The things that worked and bore fruit in the church of yesterday were well and good. But that season is now past. The many new shoots of green give the impression of a new crop coming, but it is just the remains of yesterday's crop. The seeds are too small and won't yield a real harvest, that's way they were left behind. And so it seems the church is trying to make things work that worked before. Yes, there are signs of growth and new life, but it is just a temporary appearance, a flash in the pan, incapable of any significant harvest.

To the right of the line where the plowshare cut through the ground, the earth is turned over and drying out. Here and there a few stray shoots wave a tiny flag of green, and there is an occasional small clump of weeds. But overall the soil has nothing growing yet. And this is how the Lord wants our hearts, His church, to be. Ready and waiting for the new seeds of a fresh harvest. There are still some preparations needed. The disk harrow will be drawn over the field to break up the course clumps of soil, and then it will be ready for seeding of whatever the farmer plants. The ground doesn't have any preferences or make any demands. It is basically inert, and will only provide a medium and nutrients for the new planting.

Now, does that sound just like us? It would be nice if things were that simple! In the long term and the bigger picture, all we really are is a bit of earth anyway, and to dust we shall return, should the Lord tarry. Were it not that we are graced with the breath of life, and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, we are just a few atoms. "What is man, that you are mindful of him?" But by His grace, we are " the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified."

The beauty in this is, just like the fields are planted year after year, and these particular fields for hundreds of years and more, we are in the process. We are the Lord's planting. And so like Him, we are to be sown into the nations and peoples of the earth. Let our prayer be that He find us willing and worthy soil for His precious seed to multiply bear much fruit!

In the hands of the Sower,

Dick & Gladys Funnell


Friday, September 08, 2006

A Wonderful Meeting in Moriah Chapel

Dear Friends:

Monday night we attended the prayer meeting at Moriah Chapel that I mentioned last week, and it was a real joy to find many more like-minded saints that are praying and believing the Lord for another move of God in Wales. Of the forty or so in attendance, it was specially encouraging to find a large group of young people! They were Koreans and Chinese, most of whom are here in university, and on fire for the Lord! There were also several of the people involved in producing the video "Diary of Revival, The Outbreak of the 1904 Welsh Awakening". (If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it. It is very inspirational and moving. You can order a copy on their website http://1904revival.com.)

After a time of worship, Gail Dixon shared about the vision the Lord had given her. She is simply trusting in Him to provide direction and wisdom to her and others working with her in organizing this event for next summer. I think this event will be quite significant in the spiritual realm. I remembered our experience at one of the meetings during the Welsh Revival Centenary. Here is a description from my journals:

Saturday, October 30, 2004 - Moriah Chapel
   Last night we attended a special meeting at Moriah Chapel. There were groups of people from the U.S., Northeast India, as well as several individuals from South Wales.
  Different ones came forward to lead prayers, and tell of their connection to Wales. The most moving were the large group from Misorum, India. Their story and expression of gratitude was deeply moving. What a tremendous blessing to hear their testimony of how their tribe was converted by a lone Welsh missionary who had arrived there as one of the burning embers spread from the 1904 revival.

So I can well imagine the response in praise and prayer of a larger and more widespread group drawn together from the nations of the world that were touched by the Welsh Revival. This Celebration For The Nations promises to be a tremendous blessing, and at this stage only the Lord knows that scope of its effects and intercessory potential. As we continue to pray here for a fresh and mightly visitation of the Lord, we are constantly strengthened and inspired by other laborers in the harvest for His Name's sake! The So please keep them in your prayers.

Many blessings to you in Jesus' amazing love and grace,

Dick & Gladys Funnell


Friday, September 01, 2006

Widening Circles of Prayers

Dear Friends and Praying Ones:

The other day while on a prayer walk with Gladys near the chapel, I got a call on my cell phone. The caller asked if I was Dick Funnell of "Wales Awakening", and told me that a friend had given him my contact information. He then identified himself as a South Korean who was here in Wales and involved with a missions school. He was calling to tell me about a prayer meeting that will take place this Monday at Moriah Chapel in Loughor, where the 1904 Welsh revival broke out.
A friend of his received a clear vision two years ago, and who, as a result of what the Lord showed her, is in the process of organizing a large worship and prayer meeting called "Celebration for the Nations." It is to be "a gathering of worshippers from the nations touched by the Welsh Revival, 1904 to reopen the wells dug by our forefathers, and find new ones for our time".

To us this sounds very interesting of course, and it is very encouraging to find others that are obeying God and praying for another move of God in Wales. We will be going to this meeting next week which will be the first of monthly meetings leading up to the event next year, and you will likely hear more about this soon. Meanwhile, you can find more information about it at http://www.celebrationforthenations.org

There is also another prayer gathering in London on September 16th, which we will be attending with Gladys and other intercessors from our area. It's theme is, "Israel - The Key to U.K. Revival". It has been organized with the specific goal of proclaiming national repentance for the U.K. for their unjust and ungodly treatment of Israel. I didn't know anything about this, but was very interested to learn that in the early part of the 20th century England was actively involved in finding a permanent homeland for the Jews. After initially being strong proponents of Israel regaining their biblical territory, they then became a very active stumbling block to the process, and brought much damage to them. More info is available at about this gathering at http://nationaldayofrepentance.co.uk

As we take part in these meetings, we would like to encourage you to join us in prayer from where you are. These prayer assemblies, our own prayer times in the chapel, and your prayers also are all parts of the "puzzle" of how the Lord is orchestrating the raising up of His church for the coming worldwide harvest. Thank you for standing with us for His glory to to be made manifest in the earth!


Dick & Gladys Funnell

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