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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Washington, Boston, and home to Wales at last!

Dear Friends and Prayers:

Once again our hearts have been warmed to see how the Lord has guided our steps during the last two weeks. We were just over a week in Washington D.C. with our daughter Grace. And while Gladys stayed a couple of days with her niece and family in nearby Maryland, I spent time exploring the area around the capitol.

Early mornings found me walking the eight blocks to the Supreme Court building where I joined a small group which has been praying across the street for several years. I had the privilege of going inside the court building and even into the Justice's library to watch and pray. To be in the "inner sanctum" of the building where the moral foundations of our nation have been ruled away was heart rending.

Another morning I spent praying through some of the many corridors of one of Senate office buildings. America so desperately needs to return to the Source of our nation's foundation and greatness before it is too late. That may be closer than any of us like to think!

On the other hand, having wonderful times with loved ones was a good balance for some of the burdensome times of prayer. Gladys' family is boisterous and fun loving, and we laughed ourselves silly and enjoyed several delicious and abundant meals.

A week ago we drove to Connecticut to my sister's home where we again we were surrounded by my family this time. It has been many years since we were all together and it was just plain fun to be together and share stories and memories as only families can.

We've been in the Boston area now since Wednesday, and every day has had us with different people and every night in a different bed.

We are so thankful for this time to catch up with so many loved ones and also meet new friends and saints everywhere we have gone. We again realize the goodness of God through all our time here, and are very much aware of His guidance and care for us every day.

As special as these last six weeks have been, we are now looking forward to getting home again this coming week, and sleeping in our own bed again! We also look forward with expectancy and excitement for what the Lord has in store for us in the coming days.

Thank you so much for your care and prayers for us, and may the blessing of God's presence with with you and your loved ones in a special way too!

Dick & Gladys


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still alive and well in America!!

Dear Friends in Prayer:

Nearly three weeks have flown by and we covered quite a lot of territory since our last update. As I mentioned we went to Tallahasse and had a great time sharing and getting to know several of the people in this group of churches.

Mostly young families and singles, they meet on Sundays in homes and come together corporately for fellowship and fun regularly. Our time with them was mostly informal, with picnics both days in Floridas typically warm weather.

After a quick dip in the almost bathtub-warm Gulf of Mexico at Pensacola beach, we drove back to New Orleans to spend a few more days with family and friends. There are so many people there we love and have missed, and are so glad to have had a chance to share with at least a few of them. Of course but it was impossible to see them all, but we came away richly blessed by all the love we received there.

The following Saturday we drove northwest to Shreveport where we visited that evening with our long-time friend Chaplain Les Riggs and his wife Johnneta. Then we spent the night with pastors James and Kay Gilbert of the Cowboy Outreach and Arena of Life Church in nearby Princeton, Louisiana.

We were given the opportunity to share in their Easter Sunday service. It was a special time as we worshiped and then reflected on the history-changing power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and just what that means for our lives individually and corporately.

We had a really blessed time with them, and were greatly encouraged by them and their hearts for prayer and intercession. We were also blessed by a fabulous bake sale for their youth, where GladLast ys got the best pecan pie I have ever had. Hmmm!

After lunch we drove 200 miles into Texas to visit old friends south of Dallas who we've known since before we were married in 1978. It was wonderful to just sit and visit with folks we have known for so long, and share in the love of the family of God.

I also had a special treat of sitting alone on their front porch through tremendous thunder and lightning downpour, something that I loved to do as a young country boy. If you'd like a sample, you can check out a short video at this link.

Last Monday was extraordinary. Just a few days I had gotten a short email from a sister from Wales living in Texas just to thank us for praying for her country. I emailed to say we would be passing through Dallas, and she replied that she wanted to meet us. Then minutes before leaving our friends place she called, and we arranged to meet at the All Nations House of Prayer, a ministry of the Shady Grove Church in Grand Prairie.

Time and space don't suffice now to describe the short but precious time we spent together in the prayer and the presence of the Lord in this special place. It was such a divinely orchestrated meeting that we were overjoyed and thrilled by His precision. She and her family have been praying especially about their upcoming move to Wales to take part in what God is planning to do there.

As we prayed over her and her daughter, Gladys received a picture for them that coincided exactly with what the Lord has placed in their hearts, even in the detail of how they plan to come to Wales. They were so very encouraged. And we too were amazed to see how He keeps adding new colors and pieces into the amazing tapestry of His plans for Wales and the nations.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers,

Dick & Gladys


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