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Sunday, April 04, 2021

Resurrection Sunday – the day of God's power 🙌🙌

Dear Friends and Prayers:

  Hallelujah, the tomb is empty!
An Easter Poem
Floating in the Tiber
on an Easter afternoon,
a million fluffs of sycamore
are sailing towards the moon.
Rolling roundly strolling by,
a lady sings above my head,
her voice flies high and tells her joy
that Christ is risen from the dead.

He's floating in the Tiber and
He's sailing in the sky
He's jumping on my eardrum and
He's dancing in my eye,
He's wrapped inside of everything,
the trucks and buses too,
and roaring soft He hopes you'll see
He rose to live in you.

(Rome, 1972)

We wish you a joyous Easter, and may you know the power of His resurrected life in yours,

Dick & Gladys


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